Emoji Pin Badges Are Here!

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We're excited to announce that we are now the only UK seller of Emoji Pin Badges! 

We've got Wild Wink, Devil, Heart Eyes, Annoyed and Poo designs available.

Each one is a high quality soft enamel pin with a polished nickel finish. They are .75" wide with a hypoallergenic clutch on the back.

Check out the pictures of them below:

Poop Emoji Pin BadgeHeart Shaped Eyes Emoji Pin BadgeDevil Emoji Pin BadgeWink with stuck out tongue Emoji Pin BadgeUnhappy Annoyed  Emoji Pin BadgeBack of Emoji Pin Badge

If you can't find your favourite Emoji then let us know and we will do our best to ensure they are made! 

These make great gifts to your friends or even to yourself to show your own personality on the form of an emoji!

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