Unforgettable University Present

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The new University term isn't far away and we think our emoji cushions would be the perfect gift to give to that special someone so they don't forget you!

Whether it's your son or daughter going to University for the first time or you're in a relationship with somebody but are going to separate Universities, these cushions will be perfect to make sure you're not forgotten!

Here are our top 3 picks:

1) The Poop Cushion - What else other than a soft fabric poop cushion would make your gift unforgettable?

Poop emoji cushion pillow

2) Kiss Cushion - Perfect if you're a couple that are going your separate ways to different Universities but still want to make sure you're not forgotten!

Kiss emoji cushion pillow

3) Smiling Cushion - If you're feeling down at any point or you're missing home then the smiling cushion is a perfect reminder to keep on smiling

smiling emoji cushion pillow

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